Shipping Your Freight with Guaranteed Delivery Time

Can I Guarantee Shipping Delivery Time?

We know that as a job site manager or production planner, you are committed to meeting hard deadlines that aren’t always within your control. Hurdles such as supply shortages, production delays, and slow shipping are a lot to deal with. Let Sutton Transport go the extra mile to get your freight shipped on time. With Sutton Transport’s guaranteed delivery time, you’ll have one less thing to stress about.

semi truck on the road for guaranteed delivery time

How Guaranteed Delivery Time Works

When you have no time to lose, turn to our guaranteed delivery time services. For an additional fee, you and the carrier are making an agreement that takes the guesswork out of when you will receive your shipment on a standard-service delivery day. However, keep in mind that guaranteed delivery may not be available for certain types of shipments, so make sure to fill out the quote form correctly or call to talk through your shipment type and deadlines.

You’ll know that your order will come at the expected time, down to the hour. On the day of, there will be a designated hour window in which you can expect to receive your delivery. If we don’t meet this commitment, your shipment is free!

When to Use Guaranteed Delivery Time

Guaranteed delivery time isn’t necessary every time you are making a delivery, but situations arise where it can be an important investment. Here are a few circumstances when you should consider using our guaranteed delivery time:

-You have an installation crew waiting for materials, and your project can’t move forward until these materials are delivered.

-You’re coordinating the timing of resources and need to guarantee their availability.

-You have a hard deadline that can’t be moved, and you can’t afford to have any delays.

Will I Get My Shipment on Time If I Ship Normally?

In most circumstances, you can count on Sutton Transport to get your shipment on time. You’ve planned materials early, and they should get to you on time. You can calculate the estimated transit time, and it’s typically a reliable estimate. But there are sometimes delays that can happen out of our control- including traffic, weather, and accidents.

When these situations do arise and not everything can be shipped on time, Sutton Transport will prioritize those who invested in guaranteed delivery.

If you are in a bigger time crunch, you can also choose to use expedited shipping. This comes at a higher cost but ensures you will get your freight delivered quickly, sometimes even the same day. This differs from guaranteed shipping because we are speeding up the timeline of your delivery.

Trust Us for When You Need It On Time

Sutton Transport is a family-owned trucking company that has been in business for more than 40 years. Specializing in next-day LTL deliveries in the Midwest, we currently uphold an impressive 98.5% on-time and intact percentage.