Hazardous Material Shipping

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Shipping with Sutton Is a Safe Bet

Sutton Transport excels in the shipping of hazardous materials. We believe in ensuring the safety of our drivers as well as those with whom they share the road. All our drivers are trained to safely transport hazmat and sensitive cargo in accordance with Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) Title 49 CFR Parts 100–185. Each driver is provided initial training upon employment and recurrent training in accordance with federal regulations.

What Are Hazardous Materials?

Hazardous materials are items that can harm humans, animals or the environment, either by themselves or through interactions with other materials or actions. Hazardous materials include explosives as well as flammable liquids that pose inhalation hazards.

Hazardous Material Shipping Services

Hazardous material, or hazmat, freight shipping requires that shipments are processed and documented per the relevant CFR and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Sutton Transport is well aware of the regulations, and we help you identify hazardous materials, correctly package and mark hazmat freight, complete the shipping papers and more. Plus, our drivers have received training in the proper loading and unloading, blocking and bracing, and incident reporting requirements applicable to hazmat transportation.

Preparing Hazmat Shipping Papers

Failure to correctly describe the hazardous material on the shipping paper is the most frequently cited safety violation. The proper information includes a basic description of the material, additional descriptive information as required based on the material and mode of transport, material quantity and packaging type.

Hazmat information does not require separate paperwork. What is required is that the proper information is provided in the proper sequence on a bill of lading, invoice, manifest or even plain paper. The professionals at Sutton Transport have done this many, many times and we will help you accurately complete your paperwork.

Additional Hazmat Freight Requirements

We also provide any assistance required concerning the proper marking, labeling and placarding necessary to ship your hazardous materials. Once you are in compliance with the communication requirements, you can rest easy knowing that we have you covered when it comes to the loading/unloading and the actual transporting of your hazardous materials.

Our goal is to keep your hazardous materials from hurting anyone who comes in contact with them while simultaneously protecting the environment from potentially harmful materials. Our drivers and carriers have received the appropriate training in blocking/bracing and loading/unloading that helps prevent damage or spillage during shipment. You’ll worry less when you ship more with Sutton!

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