Introduction to Freight Class

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Uncovering the Secrets of Freight Class – Your Path to Smarter Shipping Decisions Shipping your goods doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Understanding freight classes can lead to smarter decisions, smoother transportation, and substantial savings. This guide simplifies the freight class system and offers a handy checklist…

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HazMat LTL Expertise: Sutton Transport’s Pro Approach


Placard displaying the number 1203 with a flame symbol.   Navigating the complex world of HazMat regulations can be intricate, especially when merging with LTL (Less Than Truckload) services. Sutton Transport has honed its HazMat LTL expertise in this area to ensure impeccable compliance and efficient transport.    Starting…

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Scaling Success in LTL Trucking: The Metronome Effect at Sutton Transport

President Cliff Sutton, the driving force behind Sutton Transport’s success, stands by the company’s mission to connect America through efficient and reliable transportation. #LeadingTheWay #SuttonTransport The LTL trucking industry is a highly competitive one. In order to succeed, LTL companies like Sutton Transport need to be able to…

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Reducing Risks of Damaging Your High-Value Cargo

At Sutton Transport, we strive to deliver more than just timely shipments. We understand that the quality of service is just as important; therefore, our team undergoes rigorous training and monitoring to ensure every item reaches its destination in perfect condition as apart of our company motto…

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What Freight Classes Mean for Your Business

Freight class is a system used in transportation to describe the type of cargo being shipped. The freight class is essential in determining how much you will pay for shipping and how your shipment will be transported. Terms to know to understand freight classes: FCL (full container…

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LTL Freight Shipping Term Glossary

A Partial Glossary of Shipping Terms to Help You Get Started… LTL freight shipping is used when transporting freight in a less-than-truckload (LTL) capacity. Large shipments such as furniture or appliances can be shipped in multiple pieces on one truck and assembled…

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Shipping with Freeze Protection in the Midwest

Ship with Freeze Protection in Harsh Midwest Temperatures Every year as the Midwest prepares for a long and cold winter, many industries have to start making adjustments to their operations to account for extreme weather conditions. One industry largely affected is logistics, which has to consider freezing temperatures…

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