Together We Can Beat Childhood Cancer

Many of you know my daughter was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2017. It’s been a difficult journey for our family. We still live day-to-day not knowing if our little girl is going to be alright.

Going through this experience has opened my eyes to the struggle of other children and their families who are faced with this terrible disease. Witnessing the debilitation and hardship these kids face has given me a sense of duty to make a difference. So, I’ve decided to partner with the MACC Fund to help find a cure.

With that said, I will be among 24 golfers playing 100 holes of golf on April 25th, with fundraising proceeds going to support the MACC Fund in the fight against childhood cancer and blood disorders.

The loss of a child is a tragedy. Any donation, large or small, will help the MACC Fund support research until we find a CURE for childhood cancer and blood disorders once and for all!

The MACC Fund:
For 42+ years, the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer) has been funding research to find a CURE for childhood cancer and blood disorders. Since MACC was founded in 1976, it has contributed over $63.5 MILLION to research. 75% of those funds are generated through events like The Ringer golf outing. Learn more about the MACC Fund and its mission by visiting its website at


The event name, “The Ringer,” was chosen to represent what happens when a child goes through the unthinkable journey of battling cancer and BEATS it. Upon the completion of a successful childhood cancer or blood disorder treatment protocol, children are given the chance to physically RING THE BELL in the MACC Fund Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to signify they BEAT their cancer or blood disorder. This monumental moment in a child’s life was the inspiration for starting The Ringer, an annual 100-hole golf event to benefit the MACC Fund.

As a result of advances in treatment, thanks to research funded by organizations such as the MACC Fund, the 5-year survival rate for all types of childhood cancers has improved from 20% when we started in 1976, to 80% today. Our goal is to see that number improve to 100% through continued efforts by organizations like our own. Any donation, large or small, is so greatly appreciated!  Donate here.