What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

I've been very pleased with the level of service and communication you've provided to us. Anytime I need to get a question answered it is done so very quickly compared to other carriers we've used in the past. It also appears that delivers are recorded well and tracking information is pretty accurate. If freight goes to a partner point it's documented well and I can track it easily rather than having to call someone. We've certainly have some challenging customers but you guys have worked with us to meet theirs and our needs. Keep up the good work!
Tony, Logistics Manager, Brooklyn Park, MN

"I wish all EDI integrations went this smoothly and with such responsiveness from a carrier."
Matt, Supply Chain Professional, Minneapolis - St. Paul

"As a small, family owned business we appreciate supporting and working with similarly run businesses. Relationships are important and appreciated. Jonnie M did a fantastic job of helping us take care of business during the onboarding process, and she made sure everything went smooth. Sutton has not only been easy to work with, but they have done a great job and haven't disappointed."
Sharon, Family-Owned Business, Jefferson City, MO

"I have shipped with Sutton Transportation / CRH out of Kansas City for several years. They are a top notch carrier. I have recently had the pleasure of having Lora S become my rep. In all my years of shipping and interacting with freight carrier representatives Lora is the best of the best. I have worked with her for ten plus years. She has never left me hanging on anything. She will always follow through no matter the question or issue I may have. Already at Sutton she has worked with me to further increase the amount of freight Sutton will be carrying for us."
Joe, Shipper, St. Louis, MO

"I wanted to say that you have a tremendous team there at your Kansas City Terminal. We have had some several heavy loads that picked up from our facility and was handled with professionalism. For the past couple of days. I would call to set up for capacity for our customer and would just need maybe a half of a trailer, well then, they would just keep adding on until we had a full trailer. Certainly, humbled by the men and women behind the phone calls and should be recognized. Kathleen in Dispatch, she has helped me multiple of times especially either we had issues with a pickup or needing a full truck and the end of the month, she talked with me to help resolve and complete the task at hand. That is professionalism at its best. Chere M, If I needing from anywhere a delivery receipt or to find out on a shipment if it has been delivered, she would come through and give me the answer, so that I could pass the information onto our customers. that is professionalism at its best. Martin M driver, When he comes here, he is always helpful and straight on to get the job done even if it is after hours. He certainly cares about what he does, he is the face of Sutton, because we see him. That is also professionalism at its best. Chandler J, She has helped in so many ways whether it was from a quoting, after hours phone calls to making it happen. Also, that is professionalism at its best. This is to also the remaining that I do not get to talk to or see, who come in earlier and stay later. This comes from a gentleman who has been in this industry for over 30 years and its refreshing to still this day be amazed. Thank you."
John, Transportation Manager, North Kansas City, MO

"Anthony, I really appreciate your help! And I just told my whole LTL team about your amazing service and they are really excited to use SUTTON! Also the chat portal is super convenient!"
Amanda F., Chicago, WI

In reference to Sutton Transport Chat Option: "I am very impressed with your performance"
Shipper, Tappahannock, VA

I received an email from a customer in MN who we do business with every year, they buy a dozen cases or so to give to their friends and customers etc. The email comes in at 3:22 PM today. I send an email to Taylor At 3:25 PM after Denice tells me she thought she saw the Sutton truck in town not long ago. I asked Taylor if he can get the truck to turn around and head back to the winery. A few minutes later he confirms that he can and I give him the address information and ask for a blank BOL. A few minutes later not only do I get a BOL but it's completed, filled in with all the information and all I had to do is print it out. As I am checking my email, waiting for the BOL, the truck backs in. We load the pallet on the truck and close the doors. It's now 3:59 PM and your truck is pulling off of my property...34 minutes after emailing Taylor. I know this is particular timeline is an exception but it could easily have not happened at all. It happened because you've got an amazing team of dispatch people and drivers who, frankly, care about what they're doing and make the effort. THANK YOU 😊😊
CEO, Three Lakes, WI

I would just like to say thank you for having the best, most positive driver around. Lowell goes above and beyond his driver duties. He always has a positive attitude and smile. There has been numerous times that he has called me to see if we were going to have a shipment before he left the area. Numerous times where he will see that I am strapping something down and he will come offer a helping hand. He always talks highly of Sutton and says it’s the best company he has ever worked for. Thank you!

Shipping Coordinator , Menomonee Falls, WI

I would like to take a second to say thank you to the drivers from Sutton who have come through. I typically have the same two guys and they are awesome. Always willing to help if need be and have great personalities. Way better than any other company I've dealt with so far.

Warehouse Manager, Hartland, WI

This could go two ways. The driver could get a big pat on the back or get reprimanded for doing too much, but I needed to let you know that my client was blown away with the above-and-beyond service your driver provided when delivering the Pirouetted tables to Friedman Place last week.

The client does not have easy access and sometimes there are people who double park and block the alley where deliveries are made. That was the case on the date of the delivery. The driver could have taken the time to go inside and ask for assistance clearing the alley, but he chose to do the following:

He parked at the end of the alley, unloaded the tables and wheeled them down the alley about ½ block to the client’s delivery entrance. Though my client would have provided an easier alternative, I am certain the driver felt he needed to get the job done and did what he felt he needed to do to get the job done as quickly as he could but caused himself a lot of extra work.

I am certain that, given this situation, most people would not have been so kind, thoughtful and helpful. My client did not expect this level of service but was so grateful that he went out of his way to make sure I knew how happy he was and how sorry he was for the extra work that the driver had to deal with. I believe that this is not the first time this driver has received a compliment, but I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without saying thank you.

Warehouse Direct, Des Plaines, IL

Just wanted to send you a quick note – your service has been excellent! Thank you for all the speedy pickups! We really appreciate it.

Shipper, Chicago, IL

Just want to take a minute and appreciate the amazing service I get from your company. It is very unfortunate that your company does not serve other areas, but within your service range, you guys are the best company by FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the amazing service and have a great day!

Freight Broker, Scottsdale, AZ

I have worked in the service industry my entire career and Sutton has been a great carrier to work with. You provide a great product with exemplary service and it has been my pleasure.

Freight Broker, Jacksonville, FL