Freeze Protection Shipping

Offered from November Through March

Today’s Freeze Protection Service Is Available:

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Secure Freeze Protection: Your Products Safe from the Cold

  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Missouri

About Our Freeze Protection Service

Sutton Transport offers protective shipping services for freezables. We do not ship produce, so this applies to liquids — such as paint and chemicals — that are harmed by freezing. Because this service requires a lot of coordination, we provide it at the carrier’s discretion on single-line shipments only, subject to the following conditions:

  • Suitable equipment is available.
  • Our office is notified that a freezable shipment is being picked up when the pickup is scheduled.
  • The bill of lading and the shipment are clearly marked with “Protect from Freezing” or similar wording.
  • Freezable shipments must be tendered on a pallet.
  • If the outside temperature is forecasted to be 10 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, shipments will be accepted on the following days:
    • Next-day transit lanes: Monday – Thursday.
    • Second-day transit lanes: Monday – Wednesday.
    • Third-day transit lanes: Monday – Tuesday.
  • Freezable shipments are NOT accepted on Fridays or the day before a holiday.
  • Shipments requiring appointment delivery will not be accepted.
  • Shipments requiring “will call” or “dock pickup” will not be accepted.
  • If temperatures are below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the shipper is responsible for any freezing risk from point to point.
  • The carrier may refuse to accept any shipment when weather forecasts or prevailing road conditions indicate highway closures.
  • The freezing protection service charge is $1.70 per cwt, with a minimum of $20 per shipment. 
  • If a customer has a negotiated rate less than $1.70 per cwt, subject to a minimum charge of $20 per shipment, Sutton Transport’s maximum liability will be $0.20 per pound.

Please note that Sutton Transport reserves the right to delay delivery of certain freezable shipments. If there is a choice between delivering the shipment on time and exposing it to freezing, or protecting the shipment with a delayed delivery, Sutton chooses to protect and delay.

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