Freeze Protection Shipping

Offered from November Through March

Today’s Freeze Protection Service Is Available In:

  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota

Protective Service for Freezables

Is your freight shipment sensitive to cold? Will freezing negatively impact the quality of your shipment? If so, then your freight needs special handling to keep it safe during the winter. Freeze protection involves providing access to warm areas during the transportation process, keeping freezables moving as quickly as possible and constantly monitoring weather forecasts.

About Our Freeze Protection Service

Sutton Transport offers protective shipping services for freezables. We do not ship produce, so this applies to liquids — such as paint and chemicals — that are harmed by freezing. Because this service requires a lot of coordination, we provide it at the carrier’s discretion on single-line shipments only, subject to the following conditions:

  • Suitable equipment is available.
  • Our office is notified that a freezable shipment is being picked up when the pickup is scheduled.
  • The bill of lading and the shipment are clearly marked with “Protect from Freezing” or similar wording.
  • Freezable shipments must be tendered on a pallet.
  • If the outside temperature is forecasted to be 10 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, shipments will be accepted on the following days:

    • Next-day transit lanes: Monday – Thursday.
    • Second-day transit lanes: Monday – Wednesday.
    • Third-day transit lanes: Monday – Tuesday.
  • Freezable shipments are NOT accepted on Fridays or the day before a holiday.
  • Shipments requiring appointment delivery will not be accepted.
  • Shipments requiring “will call” or “dock pickup” will not be accepted.
  • If temperatures are below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the shipper is responsible for any freezing risk from point to point.
  • The carrier may refuse to accept any shipment when weather forecasts or prevailing road conditions indicate highway closures.
  • The freezing protection service charge is $20 per shipment, in addition to the other applicable rates and charges.

Please note that Sutton Transport reserves the right to delay delivery of certain freezable shipments. If there is a choice between delivering the shipment on time and exposing it to freezing, or protecting the shipment with a delayed delivery, Sutton chooses to protect and delay.

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