Reducing Risks of Damaging Your High-Value Cargo

Reduce risk of damage to cargo

At Sutton Transport, we strive to deliver more than just timely shipments. We understand that the quality of service is just as important; therefore, our team undergoes rigorous training and monitoring to ensure every item reaches its destination in perfect condition as apart of our company motto “Building it Stronger!”. 

This commitment makes us your premier choice for reliable LTL shipping services!

Planning Ahead for Maximum Capacity.

Our team puts careful consideration into planning your loading and unloading to provide you with the most efficient utilization of available space and resources. Employing our expertise in freight size, weight, and stabilization we ensure that every load is managed for maximum capacity efficiency.

Importance of Using the Right Tools.

To ensure we transport materials safely and efficiently, our team uses the right tools for the job. Whether it’s extended forks or two-wheel carts, by using specialized equipment designed to handle specific items appropriately, our team can guarantee a safe delivery every time.

Properly Securing Your Cargo.

Our experienced team ensures your shipment is secure and safe during transit. We utilize advanced load protection methods, like straps and bars, to prevent any shifting of the contents while in-transit, guaranteeing properly arranged items for delivery.

Stacking Your Freight Carefully.

Proper freight stacking is essential to a successful transport operation. To ensure safety, stability and efficacy of shipments, heavier items are securely placed on the bottom with lighter goods above them. For extra security measures, we use straps or load bars when needed for further reinforcement during transit.

Cargo Packaging Inspections.

We always conduct a thorough review of your freight’s packaging to make sure that it is up-to-par. Our inspection includes checks on product overhang, proper banding/shrink wrap securement, and other hazards that could lead to damage during shipment. By following safe practices,  we position you for successful delivery every time!

We Load It Like We Own It!

Our dock workers are experienced professionals who take pride and ownership in ensuring that every shipment is treated with the utmost care. We understand how important it is to protect freight, so we treat each item as if our own reputation depends on its safe delivery!

Ultimately, at Sutton Transport we are determined to go above and beyond when it comes to providing premium shipping services. Our team is devoted to providing you with a top-notch experience, from in-depth training and monitoring of our personnel to careful packaging of your shipment. We ensure that every item arrives on time and in its perfect state. So if you are looking for dependable LTL delivery services, look no further than the Sutton Transport team. Request a quote today and join our fleet of satisfied customers who have trusted us with their shipments!