Improved Operational Efficiencies

Leading Midwest private carrier Sutton Transport announced this morning the improved operation efficiencies and the elimination of biller turnover in its freight billing process partnership with freight back-office partner DDC FPO. As a result of this partnership, the carrier projects an annual 44% in cost savings that can be dedicated to other core business matters.

Established in 1979, family-owned and operated Sutton Transport is the largest LTL service agency in the state of Wisconsin with operations throughout the Midwest. Wanting to resolve the historically high turnover of nighttime billers in its freight billing department and improve accuracy levels, the carrier investigated partnership options with freight billing outsourcers. Through the recommendation of a partner carrier and client of DDC FPO, Sutton Transport chose to begin discussions with this freight billing outsourcer.

DDC FPO is well-known in the freight and logistics industry as #1 in providing customized freight solutions in North America. Processing over 30% of all LTL bills in North America, its expertise in improving the operational efficiencies of the freight billing process and reducing biller turnover immediately benefitted Sutton Transport.

Working closely with Sutton Transport to develop a succinct, customized billing process to meet the carrier’s needs, DDC’s back-office experts developed standardized metrics and an efficient billing process. As a result of these streamlined efforts, DDC is achieving consistent accuracy levels of 99.88% — exceeding SLA expectations.

The unique model of DDC’s onshore management team allows Sutton Transport to maintain close communication with its offshore billers 24/7/365. As a result of this customized global reach, Sutton Transport has managed to see not only improved accuracy rates, but also a significant reduction in biller turnover.

Since outsourcing the billing process to DDC FPO, “We are now able to concentrate on other core business matters,” noted Samantha Sutton. DDC FPO VP of Sales, Chad Crotty, noted, “Our business goal is to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs for our clients. We are pleased to report that we are achieving this goal with Sutton Transport and look forward to growing our partnership for many years to come.”

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