Shipping with Freeze Protection in the Midwest

Ship with Freeze Protection in Harsh Midwest Temperatures

Every year as the Midwest prepares for a long and cold winter, many industries have to start making adjustments to their operations to account for extreme weather conditions. One industry largely affected is logistics, which has to consider freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall when planning shipments. We offer freeze protection shipping services to keep shipments safe in these harsh conditions.

freeze protection shipping truck driving in snow

Why Use Freeze Protection?

Winter shipping in the Midwest can be especially treacherous. Sub-zero temperatures and icy roads can pressure shipping operations to ensure temperature-sensitive cargo remains protected from extreme cold. Some materials may be damaged or become hazardous when shipments are exposed to freezing temperatures. To avoid such preventable losses, businesses must focus on protecting their goods from freezing.

What Can You Ship?

Sutton offers freeze protection shipping on liquids that are harmed by freezing, such as chemicals or paint. Spills due to extreme cold can not only be costly to clean up, but they can also cause environmental damage and safety hazards. Freeze protection guards against this issue by providing a layer of insulation that shields the liquid from freezing temperatures. This helps keep them at the desired temperature. The freight is stored in a heated facility until time of delivery.  The freeze protection systems offered today have made it easy to protect shipments from the unwanted effects of extreme cold.

How to Ship with Freeze Protection

When preparing freeze protection shipments, there are certain steps one must take to ensure successful delivery. The most important thing is to ensure you have a proper bill of lading for your shipment; this needs to be marked with “Protect from Freezing”. Additionally, your shipment must be placed on a secure pallet to prevent damage or delay during transport. The shipping company will also need to be notified ahead of time to coordinate the special procedures to protect your shipment.

Plan Accordingly

Because freeze protection shipments require more coordination and must be transported on single-line shipments, transit can only be scheduled on certain days. Shipments can only be accepted Monday-Thursday. If they take longer to get to their destination, they must be shipped earlier in the week. This excludes any holidays. These deliveries can also be delayed if the temperatures are too low, as there is a higher risk of damaging the shipment. Due to all of these extra considerations, freeze protection shipments have an extra service cost based on the distance they will travel. Contact your shipper to calculate the extra cost ahead of time.

Use Sutton Transport for Reliable Freeze Protection Services

The process of shipping goods via truck is a complex operation that requires proper planning to ensure all materials arrive at their destination in good condition, especially in extreme weather conditions. During winter, ensure you take the correct steps to protect your temperature-sensitive materials from freezing. By understanding what freeze protection covers and taking some simple steps to prepare your shipment, you can be confident that Sutton Transport will safely deliver your shipment as quickly as possible.