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Kelly has been with Sutton Transport for four years. She brings 18 years of experience to their marketing team, specializing in international companies. As Kelly says, “Life is a journey, celebrate the small wins.”

Properly Package Your LTL Shipment for Quick and Safe Delivery

How to Properly Package Your LTL Shipment If you’re shipping something using LTL freight services, it’s important to properly package your shipment. This will ensure that it is handled properly and arrives at its destination quickly and safely. If not packaged correctly, your shipment could be damaged or lost, costing you time and money. Learn […]

What You Need to Know About Shipping Hazardous Materials

How to Safely Ship Hazardous Materials Shipping hazardous materials can be a dangerous process if not done properly. There are specific regulations and processes to follow to identify the state of the materials. If you’re not sure how to ship or classify your hazardous materials, you aren’t alone! Learn more about the importance of shipping […]

How to Decide Between LTL Freight Carriers

What To Consider When Choosing an LTL Freight Carrier When you need to ship freight that is too large for a parcel carrier but not enough to justify full truckload shipping, turn to LTL freight carriers. These companies offer a variety of services, each with its own benefits. So how do you decide which one […]